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Refined Ceramics

WALRUS toilets, basins, and all our other ceramic products are meticulously crafted. We source the finest raw materials to cast only the most exquisite designs. The raw materials undergo rigorous testing before they are turned into WALRUS’s formulated casting slurry.


Our ceramics are fired at 1,200°C to achieve complete vitrification. Thus, WALRUS’s ceramic products guarantee a water absorption rate of less than 0.2%. A low water absorption rate indicates that the ceramic is less likely to crack, making our products durable and resistant to bacteria. A low water absorption rate for toilets suggests the ceramic will not pick up odour and germs on its surface. The pipes at the flushing end of our toilets are given an extra coat of glazing for smoother water flow, minimising blockages and water usage.


WALRUS ceramics are white and pristine; strong and durable, an advantage of WALRUS’s fine ceramics. This reflects our dedication and diligence to producing high-quality ceramic products.

  • Our ceramics are fired at 1,200°C or above, making it more durable, radiant, and easy to clean.
  • The surface of our products is snow white and pristine. It prevents build-up of odours, inhibits bacterial growth and are water efficient.